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Security Guarding

When your premises are unoccupied or are at a time when there is only a skeleton work force on site, this is when your reputation and premises are at their weakest. These are also the times however that Glevum Security can help to protect and watch for any problems or incidents.

Our security guards are fully trained to provide a wide range of services covering different needs and varied situations We will assess your premises and after a thorough consultation we will present a comprehensive plan to guarantee complete protection that will ft into your budget. Security Guarding affords your business and premises the professional levels of security and protection you deserve at the right time and the right price. We will never compromise on safety and security.

We have a whole range of services which can be added or subtracted according to your needs. After careful evaluation of your premises or site we will present a detailed plan demonstrating the most cost efficient methods of implementing our services so that safety and security are the main aims. Glevum Security’s ethos on providing consistent quality combined with an innovative and client focused approach to providing bespoke and unique security solutions differentiates us from other companies providing services within the safety and security sector.
Our Security Guarding services include:

  1. Attending alarm activations
  2. Patrolling your premises
  3. Welcoming your staff & visitors
  4. Dealing with the emergency services
  5. Providing a deterrent
  6. Keeping the premises safe
  7. Switching of unneeded utilities
  8. Protecting your premises
  9. Monitoring Contractors
  10. Testing Fire Alarms
  11. Manning Reception
  12. Post Room Duties
  13. Liaising with call out contractors
  14. SafeKeyping

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