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Once your keys are logged with us, you need worry no more. Your keys will available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for us to respond to let you in within a 30 mile radius.


Worried about leaving your home unattended when you go on holiday or to work? Arrange with Glevum Security to make a security visit that could make it appear that you are at home, turning lights on and of, drawing curtains or even watering your plants and removing post and milk from your door.

SAFE KEYPING ~ Specific Requests

Do you need to take time of work to let in the plumber? Glevum Security can help. With your authorisation we can allow access to your property. Again all you would need to do is pre-book it with us and get the tradesman to call us one hour before his visit.

SAFE KEYPING ~ All Deliveries

Are you fed up of waiting for deliveries at home when you could be earning at work? Glevum Security can accept small parcels up to 20kg on your behalf at our offices and keep the safe within our secure Control Centre and deliver them to you when you return home. Or should you wish we can meet the delivery driver at your home and accept items for you.

SAFE KEYPING ~ Gold Service

As  Keyholders  for  your premises  and  alarm  system, we will  respond  to  an  alarm  at  any  time, day or night. We will inspect your premises and liaise with emergency services if required. Once completed  our  Keyholding  Response Officers will  reset  the  alarm  and  re-secure  your  home.

A fair use policy applies. Our Gold Service includes:

  • Four alarm calls out per year
  • A security visit Home Check one visit per day whilst you are on holiday for four weeks per year
  • Lost keys access services for premises and vehicles

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