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Do you remember me telling you about our nomination for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the 2017 Gloucestershire Business Awards last month?  

Well we only went and won it!

We gathered at The Centaur at Cheltenham Racecourse along with the nominees in the other twelve categories and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner before the presentations started.  It is a cliché I know but when our name was read out we really did feel ‘over the moon’.

On behalf of the company we would like to say a few words:

All the finalists at last night’s event were winners in their own right.  We are extremely pleased that the Glevum Security team was awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 2017 by the great businesses of Gloucestershire.

It is of course a great honour for us, especially knowing that it is our peers in the business community who have voted for us.

We could not have achieved this award without the support and commitment of the Glevum management and operation team.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

Mark & Steve Joint Managing Directors

I am very pleased to announce that we are once again finalists in the Gloucestershire Business Awards.

Gloucestershire is a great place to conduct business and the Gloucestershire Business Awards aim to promote the county to showcase the best of its business talent.  This prestigious event was first held twenty years ago and has become an ideal opportunity for the business community to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to celebrate the best and most innovative companies in the region.

There are thirteen different awards available ranging from Young Business Person of the Year to Family Business of the Year and from Marketing Campaign of the Year to the Best Place to Work Award.

This year Glevum Security has been nominated for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.  This award recognises the business which has shown responsible business practices across these four areas:

•    Local community
•    Environment
•    Their people
•    Supply chain

Judges will look for evidence of a contribution to the overall well-being of the community, its environment and general quality of life.

Applicants must demonstrate a working partnership using positive influences to support suppliers and other partners to adopt best environmental, workplace and community practice.

We are up against stiff opposition from some excellent projects so wish us the best of luck!

Plan for World Domination Fails!

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I was very pleased to receive an email from one of our clients, Ian Calder Potts, referring to the article in our last issue Grapevine, our newsletter, concerning security robots.

The item in the latest issue of Grapevine discussing the use of robots in security reminded me of a card I was given many years ago which makes me laugh every time I look at it; see attached.
Best regards and thanks for the great service.”

We aim to please, Steve.

We also heard from Carol Hannis at Dynamic Sales Solutions on the same theme:

“When I was little the Daleks on Dr Who used to scare me.  When I lay in bed, though, I never thought they’d get me because I knew they couldn’t climb stairs!”

Sleep well, Carol!

If you would like to see copies of our newsletter, Grapevine, follow this link:

Are you like many people using just one password for all your internet and banking accounts? Unless it is a strong one you run the risk of hackers breaking it resulting in a lot of expensive grief for you!

Government advice is to select a password comprising three separate words, such as ‘mughanddesk’. If required, numbers and capitals can easily be incorporated.

They also recommend having separate passwords for your most important accounts, usually your email, social media and banking accounts.

New Robots Brings AI a Step Closer

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Like Blade Runner before it and the excellent television reboot of Westworld, the recent blockbuster movie Ghost in the Shell examines the idea that advances in Artificial Intelligence could result in machines that will be almost indivisible from humans.  

That possible future took a step closer with the recent announcement that Cobalt Robotics Inc has introduced robot security guards that they claim are just as intelligent as a self-driving car.

The Californian based company say their machines will complement the work of human security operatives rather than replace them.  The machines have a friendly cone design, intended to make them seem less like the ‘evil robot’ stereotype, and are available in metallic blue or silver white colouring.

Each of the robots has 60 sensors including lidar, ultrasound, smoke detectors and depth sensors.  They also have wide angle day and night vision cameras and can see 360 degrees around themselves.  Equipped with mics and two-way video cameras, they also enable employees to use its badge reader to identify themselves.

Ladies First!

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Forest Green Rovers Ladies, that is, as they have won the South West Women's Football League (Eastern Division) in tremendous style after a traumatic pre-season.

The 2016-17 season is the third season that Glevum Security has sponsored the Ladies first team shirts, following some previous dealings with the men’s team.  We have helped out in various other capacities, including having Steve drive to Exeter to report live on a crucial game, but perhaps that is a story for another day.

I asked Rich Hall from FGR’s media team to sum up the ladies season for us.

After a traumatic pre-season, in which we lost nearly all the 1st team players, the club has re-grouped with a very young 1st team, as well as U18s and U16s teams.

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National Star College

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You may be aware of the National Star College at Ullenwood near Cheltenham.  They do amazing work helping people with disabilities to realise their potential and become equal and active members of the community, in control of their own lives.

We are pleased to have been able to offer work experience and interview practice to some of their students over the years.

Christine Hopkins, their Job Mentor Team Leader, explains.  

'At National Star, we believe that gaining hands-on experience in the workplace is vital in developing the confidence and skills of young people with disabilities. The experience and support that Glevum Security has offered National Star students has been invaluable.

Back to the Shop Floor with Steve Barnett!

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Glevum Security Directors Steve Barnett and Mark Baker recently decided to reconnect with the grassroots of the company so they each took time to go back to the shop floor, as it were, to see how things are working on a day to day basis.

Here’s Steve’s story:

05:00 Monday, the start of another week, and its back to the shop floor for me. It’s only right that now and then Managing Directors should roll up their sleeves to experience the working life of their staff. In my case I’m going to be a Mobile Security Response Driver, undertaking a Security Unlocking & Lock Up Service.  So that means undertaking unlocks before the start of my normal working day.

Dates for March Training Courses

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This March we will be holding a series of Security Industry Authority (SIA) training courses:

SIA Security Guarding Course

4 days, Mon 6th March to Thu 9th March


On 1st November Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd and its director, Lolo Daniels, was fined a total of just under £50,000 for deploying unlicensed security staff.

The case had previously been heard in 2012 but the ruling had been overturned on appeal and this was the resultant retrial.  

Officers of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) visited a construction site in Reading which had security services provided by Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd.  Subsequent requests for staff details found that the company employed unqualified security guards in contravention of the Private Security Industry Act (2001).

Lolo Daniels was fined £5,000 for deploying unlicensed guards and ordered to pay £18,500 costs.  The company itself was also fined £5,000 with £18,500 costs, giving a total penalty £47,000.  

The importance of employing responsible, professional security firms cannot be stressed enough and the penalties available for those who do not are evidence of the gravity given to the matter.  

Glevum Security of Gloucestershire has many years of experience in the security business.  They are proud to be an approved Security Industry Authority (SIA) contractor.

For advice on all aspects of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

Christmas Presents

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Christmas is traditionally, of course, a time for giving but I am afraid that in the eyes of some it is also a season for taking – other people’s things I mean.

It is an unpleasant fact that December sees an increase in burglaries of some 20% over other months.  It can be a bonanza for Burglar Bill as he helps himself to the gifts you have spent all year saving up for.

Here are some things to look out for:

•    “Those external lights look great but …” Sometimes when using lights outside it is easiest to run an extension cord through a window or sliding door that is then left ajar and unsecure.  This means an easy entry point for burglars and they know how to spot them.

•    “Look at all those presents piled under the tree!”  The kids will be excited but so might a burglar, especially if the gifts are readily visible all in one place near a door or window.  It might be boring but do think about hiding at least some of the more valuable ones until the moment you hand them over.

•    “That’ll keep the recycling men busy!”  I know those boxes and the mountain of packaging have to go somewhere, but do you really want to advertise that your kids have got the latest console, tablet or phone?  Break the boxes down and turn the packaging inside out to conceal what they contained.     

•    “Lovely to hear you are going away for a Xmas break.”  Social media has its uses but unfortunately one of them is to advertise the fact that you are absent from home.  Wait until you are back from your skiing trip or sunshine break before posting those pictures.  You never know who is watching.

I hope you enjoy your festive season and do stay safe.

Glevum Nominated for National Award

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I am extremely proud to announce that Glevum Security Ltd has been nominated for an important national award.

Glevum are one of eight companies nominated for the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year in the Security and Fire Excellence Awards to be held later this month at the prestigious Hilton on Park Lane hotel in London.
“Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative” sounds a bit of a mouthful, so let me explain what it means.

The Disability Confident Commitments is a Government initiative designed to encourage employers to engage more with people with leaning difficulties and disabilities and to create more employment opportunities for them.
Steve Barnett, our joint MD, has been working with our local MP and Gloucestershire County Council Forward Clubs as an employer Ambassador. Over the last four years Steve has been holding workshops every month for people with learning difficulties & disabilities.

These workshops include topics aimed at sharpening their employability skills so that they will become ready for employment. Amongst the things covered are:

• Interview skills
• How to complete an application form to meet an employer’s requirements
• One to one mentoring
• Supporting candidates with work experience opportunities

This has opened doors for Glevum, enabling us to take the program to local schools where presentations are given to students aimed at providing them with the confidence to apply for employment opportunities.

Steve has also presented at local Forward Disability Confident Events to share his experience as a local employer and to encourage other employers to engage with this initiative.

Overall this has be a great project for Glevum to be involved with and it has helped with our own recruitment issues whilst supporting the local community with employment opportunities.

The team and I are all really pleased that our scheme has been recognised by the organisers of the Security and Fire Excellence Awards and will let you know how we get on.

Glevum Keep Wolf from the Door!

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Some of our sharp eyed operatives intercepted this hairy looking character on 31st October as he was preparing a spot of breaking and entering. He howled with frustration as our guys chased him off.
Okay, it was Halloween and he is wearing a Glevum shirt, but if he had tried anything…

Don’t be Caught Out in the Dark!

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I am well aware that the nights are drawing in and the clocks will go back an hour at the end of October.

It is bad enough arriving home in the dark.  You don’t want to find that a burglar has taken advantage of the extra hours of darkness to break into your property.

There are some simple precautions that you can take to avoid this eventuality.  

Keep Outbuildings Secure.  Sheds and garages can be particularly vulnerable to break-ins.  There may be items there that thieves want to steal.  Alternatively they may find things to help them break into the main building, like ladders and tools such as screwdrivers.  Make sure doors to all outbuildings are securely locked.

Don’t forget the car.  Cars can be easy targets so make sure you don’t leave valuables in them, even if the vehicle is locked.  Cars are vulnerable if left on driveways so park them in a garage wherever possible.

Illuminate the problem areas.  Burglars hate lights as they make them more visible.  If you are arriving home after dark consider fitting lights inside the house on a timer so they will come on and make it seem that someone is home.  You can also have outside lights fitted which operate on movement sensors.

For advice about home security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

Don’t mind me Droning on …

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I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of people to utilise the latest advances in technology in the security business.

Can you begin to imagine what the invention of the walkie talkie in the 20th Century meant for security staff? Instant communication would have instantly led to quicker and more effective responses to incidents.

One of the latest developments is the introduction of drones. When used as a highly mobile monitoring or delivery device they can be very useful, putting a hard-to-reach rooftop under surveillance or sending a piece of equipment to a distant part of a maintenance site.

There is always a down side when the technology falls into the wrong hands, of course. Criminals have embraced drone technology in a number of ingenious ways. They have been used to deliver illegal substances and weapons into prisons, for example.

There are also wider security issues. What if a drone infringes airspace around an airport, for instance? Flights would have to be cancelled and planes in the air diverted at enormous expense and with numerous knock on effects.

Fortunately, security experts around the globe are equally adept at adapting and exploiting new technology. There is already a wide range of technology aimed at monitoring and disabling drones in operation at sensitive sites such as government buildings and prisons.

I like to think that we at Glevum Security are constantly improving our adoption and response to innovative technology. For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

Glevum’s Jobs Fair Success!

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I was extremely pleased to be invited to send recruiters along to the recent Jobs Fair held at Gloucester’s Jobcentre.  We are always looking to recruit keen young people to the team and this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.

The Jobs Fair opened its doors at 10:00am and we had offered an applicant a position before 11:00am!  Now that’s what I call a success.

We are on the lookout for applicants with a SIA Licence or Training Certificate to join our team as Static Security Officers or members of our Mobile Patrols.  Visit our Security Jobs page for more information and an application form.

As well as inviting ourselves, Gloucester Jobcentre also arranged for partners such as Gloucester College, Prospect Training Services and Learn Direct to attend.  Thirty-five employers were there with representatives from manufacturing, banking, engineering and the IT sector, as well as the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force.

The event was deemed a great success and I can’t wait for the next one.

The photograph shows our team of Liz Frost and Derek Martin in the front with Steve Barnett on the left of the back row, alongside Tony, a Work Coach at Gloucester Jobcentre and Robin, an Employer Adviser.

For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

Don’t be Alarmed by Spiders!

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It is a remarkable fact that some 95% of all alarm call outs turn out to be false alarms.

This is, of course, a good thing and we’d hate for the statistic to be the other way round!

So what causes these alarms to trigger when there is no incident to investigate?  Electrical faults, insects, weather conditions, vermin or low batteries can all trigger an alarm.  Some of the biggest culprits are spiders, though fortunately not in terms of their size.

The mild winters of the past few years have tempted many of us to leave windows open well into the autumn, just the time when spiders are at their most abundant.  They will sneak in and head for the cosy corners of a room.  Unfortunately many movement detectors are triggered and the alarm activated.

We have even found instances of spiders nesting inside detectors!

Fortunately our Response Officers are all professionally trained and definitely not afraid of spiders.  Call outs for false alarms like these are all part of the job, saving you wasted time and effort.

For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

James Lovett and James Turner, director and operations manager respectively of Paramount Monitoring and Response Ltd, were sentenced at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 25th May.

The pair had supplied unlicensed security staff between November 2014 and January 2015. Their actions amounted to a number of offences under the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA 2001).

Lovett, who pleaded guilty, was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs, including victim surcharge, amounting to over £1,000. Turner, already serving a prison term for a £300,000 VAT fraud, received a 14 day imprisonment for each of his PSIA (2001) offences. In addition he was ordered to pay victim surcharge of £80 and £500 costs.

Paramount Monitoring and Response Ltd was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay costs of £4,743 and a victim surcharge of £100.
Once again this case emphasises the importance of employing responsible, professional security firms.

Glevum Security of Gloucestershire has many years of experience in the security business. They are proud to be an approved Security Industry Authority (SIA) contractor.

For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

Know What the Burglar is Thinking!

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Everyone wants to protect their home and contents from theft. Here are some facts gathered from statistics from house burglaries which bear thinking about:

• Most burglaries occur between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Burglars want to avoid confrontation so target homes which they believe to be empty. Typically this will be during the day during the week. If you have a second car, simply leaving it on the drive may provide a deterrent. Alternatively you may know someone who will leave their car parked there for you.

• Most burglars won’t spend more than 60 seconds breaking in. If they cannot achieve that then they will look elsewhere. They tend to be opportunists, not professional thieves. Anything that can delay them will be effective, whether it is a barking dog or even a sign threatening that a dog is in residence, whether there is or not.

• Properties without security systems are three times more likely to be targeted. If you cannot afford a system, you could get some signage that makes it look like you have.

• Burglars usually use the same entry points. Their favourites are the front door, first floor windows or the back door, so pay special attention to them. If you are employing security cameras, these are the places to cover.

• On average a burglar will be in your property for between 8 and 12 minutes. They don’t want to hang around. Make it harder for them to find your precious possessions. Dresser drawers, wardrobes and freezers are all places a thief will look first so don’t put valuables there. Also, if you have an old laptop that nobody uses anymore, leave it on prominent display to tempt the burglar.

For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

Effective CCTV as Thieves Caught!

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The effectiveness of CCTV monitoring has been highlighted by two recent cases.

In London a man was jailed this month for three and a half years for various shoplifting offences. Austin Caballero chose to make designer stores his target as he embarked on a one man crime spree. He was caught in the act in one store on CCTV, however, identified by the Metropolitan Police and subsequently arrested.

Meanwhile in Italy, a gang of thieves were seen on CCTV stealing a selection of valuable paintings from the walls of the Castelvecchio museum in Verona. Police proceeded to arrest a number of people.

Glevum Security of Gloucester has a state of the art CCTV control centre to provide real time recordings of incidents and instant alerts. Our experienced, highly trained staff monitor the recordings and notify the relevant authorities immediately if any incidents are observed.

Remote monitoring can also save you money as staff can study incidents and identify false alarms without the need to send a patrol to investigate.

For advice on all aspect of security in the Gloucestershire area contact Glevum Security on 01452 729723 or take a look at our website,

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